Selecting Merit Badges for Summer Camp

The leader can set up all of the summer camps they normally go to and all of the merit badges offered at each camp. The leader can print spreadsheet style reports showing which merit badges offered at camp the boys have and have not completed. This will help the leader work with the boy and his parents in selecting merit badges he needs to advance in scouting. The leader can also track partial completions in the Group Award Spreadsheet program.

Setting up the Scout Camp:

1. Click on the Update menu.

2. Click on Edit Scout Camps.

3. To set up a new camp click on the New Scout Camp button and enter in the camp name.

4. Select the camp you are going to from the Scout Camp window.

5. Click on the Add Badge button to call up the merit badges.

6. Select the merit badges offered at camp my holding down the Ctrl key while you click on each merit badge offered at camp.

7. When done selecting merit badges click on the Save button.

Printing the Scout Camp Merit Badge Spreadsheet Report:

1. Click on the Reports Menu.

2. Click on Awards.

3. Select either Spreadsheet Reports or MB Counselors & Scout Camps.

4. Select Scout Camp Spreadsheet Report.

5. If you want to save a report click on the New button and enter in a name for the report. Then once you have set the report's parameters click on the Save button.

6. Click on Records tab and select the roster to select the boys from.

7. Click on the Scout Camp button and select the Scout Camp.

8. Click on the Options button to change report parameters.

9. Once the Scout Camp and the Boys are selected click on the Print preview to see the report which will show all the merit badges offered and the completion date if the boy has already completed the merit badge. Print the report when ready. Review the report with the boys and their parents to help them select the merit badges to take at camp.

Printing Merit Badge Requirements Spreadsheet Reports:

1. Click on the Update Menu.

2. Click on Group Award Spreadsheet.

3. Click on the Select Awards Button.

4. Highlight one merit badge and click on the Add button then OK.

5. Click on the Select Youth button.

6. Select the Roster to select the boys from.

7. Select All boys or click on individual boy's names.

8. Click on the Add button to upload the boy's names then OK.

9. Click on the Print Report button to print out the report.

10. Electronic spreadsheet - Click on Save as CSV file.

11. If you want to save the report click on Save Spreadsheet.

12. If you have entered in dates then click on the Process button to add them to the boy's records.

The spreadsheet report can be used by your merit badge counselors to check off requirements the boys have completed or to take to camp to show the camp's merit badge counselor requirements the boy has already completed.