Tips on Using Shared Database

1. FTP Site - Select a leader who has internet FTP or IMAP Email sharing capability which all leaders using TroopSoft will access.

2. Create Master Database for Initial Uploading - All TroopSoft Users that are going to share the database must update their data and then create a Sponsor Update file (with a unique name) in Maintenance/Export Data from TroopSoft. Check the Fund Raisers box if you are tracking fund raisers or CERT database that will be shared with other users. All leaders email their Sponsor Update file to the leader that will upload the master database onto the server. That leader imports all databases from other leaders (usually WITHOUT checking the Overwrite Data Box) and checks the final database for inclusion of all data from all leaders that share the database. The leader then creates a Sponsor Update file and saves the file permanently on his computer as the initial Sponsor back up file. After joining the shared internet database the leaders do not make any other changes to their computer's old TroopSoft database.

3. The leader with the complete Sponsor database sets the Master Data Base settings in Settings/System Settings/Share Sponsor Database and initializes the shared database on the internet site.

Important Warning - Some internet providers require all public data files to be contained in one directory. TroopSoft checks the internet directory after each use and will issue a warning if it finds non-TroopSoft files in the internet directory. It will ask the user if they want to delete the non-TroopSoft files. If the leader is not the master database leader (leader sponsoring the internet site) they should always answer 'NO' to this question or you may delete files needed by the sponsoring leader for his webpage, etc. The sponsoring leader should contact their ISP and move other files to another directory if possible. In most cases ALL leaders should answer NO to the Delete File question.

4. Subsequent Shared Database Updating - After initializing the master database on the internet then all other leaders duplicate the exact settings that the master database leader has set up in TroopSoft's Settings/System Settings/Share Sponsor Database and activate their shared database on the internet site.

5. Data File Sharing - When a leader signs on TroopSoft will check to see if anyone else has already declared mastership over the shared database. If another leader has mastership then the new leader will be placed in Read-Only mode. Once the leader with mastership has signed off then another leader can claim mastership. Conflicts most likely will be few and you can view on your screen the other leaders using the shared database and who has mastership of the database.

6. Updating From an Off Line Database - If another user decides they want to join later or if an existing leaders goes offline and enters data into their standalone TroopSoft database they must create a Sponsor Update file in Maintenance/Export Data from TroopSoft - Sponsor Update. Then if the leader wants to join the shared database the leader sets themselves up for the shared database in TroopSoft or if they do not want to participate in the shared database they can email their Sponsor Update file to another leader who is already using the shared database. Then the leader imports the Sponsor Update file into the shared database in Maintenance/Load Data into TroopSoft.

7. Backup - TroopSoft creates backups but it is highly recommended that periodically a leader creates a Sponsor Update file and stores the file offline. Any leader may make a Sponsor Update file from the shared internet file. We highly recommend that after entering data into the shared database that you created a Sponsor Update file on your computer or external disk drive in Maintenance/Export Data from TroopSoft. We recommend that you include the date in the name of the sponsor update file like: SharedTroopSoftUpdate100108.

Email us at with any questions. Remember that TroopSoft does not provide set up support. Contact your ISP support for assistance in configuring the settings and access issues. All leaders sharing the data file should have a continuous internet connection (dial up not recommended).