* TroopSoft Email Setup *

Setting Up Leader's Email Accounts

To set up your email account click on Settings/System Settings/Setup Email Accounts\Destinations. In the top Email Accounts window click on the Add button to access the leaders email account set up screen for the email account(s) that are available to be used for sending out messages. The screen below shows an example of a leader's Gmail email account that is being named "unit" set up for the transmission of emails to their leaders and youth's parents from TroopSoft. TroopSoft recommends that the leader or the unit sets up a gmail email account to use for sending emails out of TroopSoft. See an example of the setup of a gmail account below.

Leaders can set up as many of their email sending accounts as they want to use. However, TroopSoft can only transmit email messages through email providers that do 'not' use TLS or other encryption. There are several free email providers such as Gmail shown above that offer free email accounts without the encryption requirement. The above Gmail email account set up shows how to set up the email account in TroopSoft. You can contact your email provider to get the information shown above to set up your email account. (MSN cannot not be used as it requires encryption.) You send emails to youth and leaders in Maintenance/Email Actions. Parents' email addresses must be in the youth's parent's or guardian's Personal tab. All emails should be send to the youth's parents or guardian!

TroopSoft's Support Email Setup

TroopSoft's Email support features allows the user to automatically
send a support request with all of the files needed to review the
issues related to the problem or question.

In the Settings menu click on System Settings/Setup Email Accounts/Destinations to access the Email Setup screen shown below.

Email Destinations

In the bottom Email Destinations section click on the Add button and enter the information shown above. Then click on OK.

Sending an Email Support Message

In Maintenance click on Email Actions and on Send Problem Report to TroopSoft Support and the following screen will appear.

Type in your support message providing as much detail as possible. We can only respond to TroopSoft program questions. For computer issues contact your computer support person or a person in your sponsoring organization. Select the email account you want to use to send the message and only uncheck the two member privacy boxes if the problem relates to items contained in either. When finished click on the Send button.

Email us at troopsoft@troopsoft.co if you have questions.