TroopSoft Mobile Devices Report Display & Worksheets

Creating Reports for Mobile Devices While Safeguarding of your Data Records!

TroopSoft users can create ALL TroopSoft reports in a PDF or JPEG format for viewing on your leader's or parent's compatible mobile devices such as IPADs, Ibooks, cell phones, Kindle, eReader, eBooks, Nook & any mobile device that will display PDF or JPEG files. JPEG files are viewable on most mobile devices and PDF files are viewable if your device has a PDF reading APP. With JPEG files most leaders do not have to purchase an APP. TroopSoft also creates Excel compatible CSV requirement worksheets which can be used on compatible mobile devices and on Google's free internet shareable worksheet site. Every leader can have their youth's status reports no matter what device they use.

Leaders and parents can receive up to date youth advancement data without the Sponsoring Organization having to give up security over their member information and advancement data. The Advancement Chairman simply uses the TroopSoft automatic report email feature to send a new mobile device report at anytime they want to. The Advancement Chairman remains in control of the unit's advancement data to ensure their accuracy and to prevent loss or corruption of the data!

It's easy to create a PDF or JPEG report instead of a printed report!

You simply click on the 'Print to File' button instead of the Print button and select either the PDF or JPEG format. Then select a location on your computer to save the file and give it a name (without the .pdf or .jpeg extension). Like ADV1110 for BSA Advancement Reports created in November 2010. TroopSoft will create a file named ADV1110.pdf or ADV1110.jpeg. (See also TroopSoft's leader emailing features and see Youth Protection comments below.)

Creating Requirement Worksheets for your Mobile Devices and for Google Free Internet Shareable Spreadsheets

Create a rank/award requirement worksheet in TroopSoft's Update/Group Award Spreadsheet program (date format is MM/DD/YY format) and save it as a CSV file.

Mobile Devices - Load up the worksheet into your mobile device's CSV worksheet app to find out if it will read the file and than update some date fields (MM/DD/YY) in the worksheet. Then try to save the worksheet in CSV format and import it back into TroopSoft's Group Award Spreadsheet as a CSV worksheet.

Google Internet Shareable Spreadsheets - Using Google's Free Spreadsheets for Internet Requirement Tracking - If you want parents or merit badge counselors or Cub leaders to update award requirements without having to install TroopSoft then use Google's free internet shareable spreadsheets. Simply create a Google account for your sponsoring organization or BSA unit and assign a common password. Then in TroopSoft generate the award's CSV requirement spreadsheet in Update/Group Award Spreadsheet. You can create a worksheet for the Cub Wolf award or for a scout merit badge then save it as a CSV spreadsheet named like Wolf or CampingMB which would create files named Wolf.csv or CampingMB.csv. Include all boys in the Den for cub awards or in the Troop/Team/Crew for Scout merit badges. Then sign onto Google Spreadsheets and load the spreadsheet's CSV file and save it on Google's Spreadsheet website. Then email leaders and parents with the sign on info and name of the spreadsheet so they can sign on any time and update requirements for their Scouts. Remind the parents and leaders that just like using a spreadsheet program on their personal computer they must click on Save to save the dates they entered on the spreadsheet and then exit the website. WARNING - Only use the shareable mobile devices and Google Spreadsheets requirement updating for rank and award requirements! DO NOT USE IT FOR AWARDS, RANKS & MERIT BADGES completion date tracking. Only use TroopSoft for entering actual award earned dates! Parents or leaders not sharing TroopSoft would use the Google rank/award requirements spreadsheets to update completion dates. Periodically the sponsor's advancement chairman or Cubmaster would save the Google spreadsheet as a CSV file and upload the CSV file into TroopSoft's Group Award Spreadsheet program and post the requirements within TroopSoft. Important - The Google spreadsheets do not have to be loaded back into TroopSoft if your leaders are not tracking the award requirements within TroopSoft.

Don't know if your mobile device is compatible?

If you do not know then you can always ask your device manufacturer. CSV worksheets and JPEG image files are generally accepted on most mobile phones, etc. You simply create reports in both formats and see which format your device will display! Also create a CSV worksheet in TroopSoft and see if you can view and update the worksheet on your mobile device's worksheet app and see if the CSV worksheet can be saved and imported back into TroopSoft's Group Award Spreadsheet program.

IMPORTANT - TroopSoft still recommends that you give the Scout, the leaders and parents the 'printed' Boy Scout Summary Advancement report (Reports/Member/Boy Scout Summary).

Also, for sponsoring organization's leaders who review their scouts' progress periodically during the year (such as LDS Bishopric members youth interviews) we strongly recommend that the sponsor's leaders be provided a PRINTED copy of the scout's Summary Advancement progress report. Your scouts will advance twice as fast if the sponsor leaders have the 'right' information at the 'right' time! That is when your sponsor leaders interview their scouts!

BSA Youth Protection:

In your Key Scouters meeting find out which (or both printed & electronic) format each leader wants. Also determine which reports and electronic communications the Sponsoring Organization leaders will allow between the Scout, their parents and the Scout leader. See the BSA Youth Protection policies on your Council's website.

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