TroopSoft's Community Emergency Response Features

Efficient Coordination and Response
TroopSoft's Community Emergency Response features allow local community
organizations such as churches, PTAs, and other civic groups whose
membership make up the community's CERT teams to manage their CERT teams
with a common computerized emergency data base.

TroopSoft's CERT programs will help the CERT team leaders coordinate with local police and fire
department officials more effectively and manage emergency help needed in their local CERT
assigned areas more efficiently. Real time updating and real time emergency management!

Reduce Time Commitment of CERT Leaders and Volunteers
Your CERT leader's and volunteer's time is important! Your community's investment in CERT
training is a significant investment of time and money! TroopSoft's CERT features, combined
with the sponsoring organization's cooperation, reduces the heavy time commitment in setting
up and constantly updating of the sponsor's CERT leaders, volunteers and assigned households.
Automating the sponsoring organization's CERT teams allows CERT leaders to quickly make changes
to the CERT organization and distribute those changes, in minutes instead of days, to all of
the CERT leaders and volunteers!

Real Time Emergency Response Tracking

Using TroopSoft the CERT leader can more easily manage the information about the individuals
and families in their assigned CERT area during an emergency. They can quickly record updates,
redirect CERT personnel and equipment resources and notify the first responders from the police
or fire department all while the CERT teams response to the emergency is happening in the field.

Redundancy of Leaders & Reports
Since no one knows when an emergency will occur or who will be affected TroopSoft allows for
redundancy of the sponsor's CERT leaders and of CERT reports.

Redundant Leadership - All CERT positions allow for two volunteers to be assigned to increase
coverage for emergencies. CERT leaders can be assigned by available time of the day so a CERT
leader for the sponsoring organization and for each Route is available at all hours of the day. Or
leaders can be assigned from different areas of the sponsor and of each Route to increase the
chances that at least one of the two trained CERT leaders will not be affected by the emergency.

Redundant Reports - The sponsor's CERT leader (and Route leaders if needed) can maintain their
CERT data bases on battery powered computers for immediate updating during an emergency and
all CERT route data and reports can also be printed to paper as a back up for emergencies.
Usually the sponsoring organization's CERT leader would maintain all of the sponsor's CERT
routes on their computer and provide Route leaders with Route lists and reports on paper.
However, there is no limit on who can maintain their CERT routes on their computer and all CERT
information can be transferred between all CERT leaders.

Built in Data Security
Besides users regular computer password security leaders of sponsoring organizations can assign
and periodically rotate two levels of passwords within TroopSoft. The user's TroopSoft Sign On password
controls access the data files and the Privacy Lock Password protects member's confidential identity
information from viewing, printing and exporting. For Search and Rescue operations the CERT leader
needs to know the age of the household's members. The CERT reports only display and print a member's
age for youth 21 years and under and 'Adult' or 'Senior' age classification for members over 21.

- Emergency Management Screen -

CERT leaders can manage an emergency from one screen with the NEW emergency management
screen that gives the leader access to nearly every piece of information needed during an
emergency. Below you will see the Emergency management screens used while an emergency is
happening and then you will see how to set up and update your CERT emergency data bases.

- Emergency Community Contact Screen -

- Emergency Family Status Screen -

- Emergency Notes Screen -

- Setting up the CERT Organization for a Local Community Church -

- Dividing the Sponsor into Separate Areas or Routes -

- Assigning Households to Areas or Routes & Updating Emergency Status -

- Individual Family Member's CERT Information Updating -

Clicking on the View Details button in the District route's Family List section allows the leader to view
and update the status of every member of the family and view each member's emergency information
including blood type. The leader can update each member's personal status field on the
screen during the emergency.

- Member's CERT Information -

Each individual member's CERT screen displays GPS location of the home or the safe room
location within the house to help rescuers search more effectivley, whether the person
has a 72-hour emergency kit and the family status and comment. Each individual has a
personal status field, radio call signs, channels and whether member has completed CERT
training. If the member is a CERT route leader it displays the families assigned to the
route leader. The family's personal status, comments and assigned families can be added or
deleted from this screen or from the CERT program screens making management of routes easy
and information immediately available during an emergency. Directions to the members homes
can be added to each member's Notes field.

- Individual Contact Information -

An individual's phone #, cell phone #, e-mail and other communication
numbers are recorded on the personal information screens. Other individual
information screens contain blood type, medical information, employment,
employer, medical training and talents and emergency equipment owned by
the member.

- Individual Equipment Information -

For 'each' individual in a family up to 50 pieces of recreational and emergency equipment
can be tracked for BSA tour permits and for CERT emergency information. For CERT purposes
only special equipment not normally found in every household would be tracked. The CERT
leader would enter in the important emergency equipment in the Head of Household's equipment
screen. Then any other equipment and supply information can be enter into the individual
family member's equipment screens. TroopSoft has a separate data field in the member's CERT
screen for tracking whether each individual in a family has a 72 hour kit. (See Member CERT
screen above.) The TroopSoft Sign On password allows the leader to control access to Member's
equipment information.

- Searching for Emergency Equipment -

CERT leaders can search their database for emergency related items
like equipment, blood types and talents by name, category, type
and other categories on a single item basis or for multiple items
at once. The CERT leaders can find what they are looking for to
meet the emergency needs immediately by viewing reports on screen,
by reading previously printed reports or by printing out reports (if a
printer power source is available) of who has the item, their street
address and contact information for immediate response to the need.

- Searches of Multiple Sponsors -
CERT leaders who use TroopSoft Zone, the multiple related sponsors version,
can search all of the Sponsors in their respective area for emergency
related items. This allows the CERT leader to find people and equipment
from a wide area in their community.

- Preparing Reports and Accessing Member Information -

CERT leaders can print out area routes with or without family members.
Family member's age ranges and gender can be printed to assist with
home searches. All member information needed by emergency volunteers,
including the home's GPS location, can be displayed or printed.

- Searching By Family Status During an Emergemcy

While an emergency is happening the CERT leader can enter in the reported
family status from leaders in the field. They can immediately run searches
to identify which families or individuals need help and coordinate the needed
responses to each family. As emergencies are resolved the CERT leader can
change the status to Okay. TroopSoft provides real time information for real
time emergency responses!

CERT leaders can also display or print by route each family's an emergency status
report showing the general family status and all family member's personal status
to make sure everyone is okay in the household.

- CERT Community Contact List -

The CERT Contacts list allows the CERT leaders to track all of the emergency agencies
in their community and other important contacts needed during an emergency.

- CERT Leader Committee -

The CERT Committee allows for the assignment of at least two or more leaders for each
committee position. This helps to ensure that at least one trained CERT leader for each
committee position and one Route leader are available throughout the day.
Leaders can be assigned based upon leader's expertise, by opposite areas of the sponsor
or by availability at different times of the day. The goal is obtain 24 hour coverage as
emergencies can happen at anytime during the day.

Operating Systems and Licensing

TroopSoft software will run on any of the above popular PC based operating
systems so most CERT volunteers should be able to run the software. TroopSoft is
licensed to an individual sponsoring organization, like a local church or PTA, that
is coordinating CERT teams in their area. Licensing discounts are available based
upon common sponsoring organization's local community grouping such as districts, zones or
stakes. Contact us by email at for more discount information and
purchasing options.

Running CERT Database Separately

If the CERT leader or their organization does not track BSA or church youth
advancement information they can turn them off so they are only tracking
CERT related information on their computer(s).

Organization of CERT Teams with Community Volunteer Organizations

Organization of CERT Teams By LDS Church Sponsored Units

BSA Eagle Projects

Boy Scout leaders may find that the development of their sponsoring organization's
CERT database involving the gathering and tabulation of member's personal emergency information
may complete requirements of the Crime Prevention, Emergency Preparedness & Safety
merit badges. Also, organizing and developing a CERT database may qualify as part
of an Eagle rank service project due to its long lasting affect on the community
and the sponsoring organization. Consult with your sponsoring organization leaders
and BSA district leaders for approval prior to having a Boy Scout commence a CERT
related service project.

Federal Government Central Contractor Registration

SBF Publication Company, Inc. is registered the under Federal
Government CCR NAICS 511210 - Software Publishers

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Download Trial Version of TroopSoft

Use TroopSoft on a trial basis with no program limitations for 30 days before licensing.
Set up some families in the Main roster. Then set up your CERT district and routes in
the Update menu's CERT program. Set up your block leadership and assign families and
print any of the reports. Email us with any questions you may have. Use it for 30 days
with no commitment at all.

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