TroopSoft 5.0 Linux Version Download


Download File: Click here to download the full TroopSoft 5.0 Linux version After saving the file to your computer's download folder double click on the file to execute the installation program. Existing users must always BACK UP your TroopSoft data files prior to installing an update! Linux users must already have Java 6.0 (1.6) or higher installed on your computer.

Download a Sample Database: Download Sample Data Files It is recommended that you import or manually set up all or some of your own sponsor's membership. See the Importing Membership instructions on the Tutorial webpage. However, you may click here to download a sample sponsoring organization's TroopSoft database for reviewing all of TroopSoft's features. Save the file to your computer and then after TroopSoft is installed on your computer set up a sponsor called Sample. Then goto Maintenance/Load Data Into TroopSoft and select Sponsor Update as the file type and click on the Import Filename's Select Name button and browse to where you saved the SampleSponsorUpdate file and select it and proceed with installing it. When asked if you want to import sensitive information check the button to remove and proceed with uploading. You can create your own sponsoring organization upon sign on to TroopSoft or goto Maintenance/Edit Sponsoring Organizations to create your sponsor's files or to delete the Sample database after you have created your own sponsor database.


Step 1 - Complete Registration Screen - If you have registered and received your serial number enter it, otherwise leave the serial number blank. Enter in your sponsoring organization's name like the Butler 22nd Ward. Select an acronym for your sponsoring organization like 22ND for the Butler 22nd Ward. Enter in your registration/license number if you have received it, otherwise click on I'll Register Later.

Step 2 - Set Master Password & Password Release Question - Upon installation you must reset the master password. Go to the Settings menu and click on Edit Privacy Lock Password. Enter in !@UNLOCK#$. Then enter in your own password. Record your password for future reference. Set the Password reset question so if you forget your Privacy Lock Password you can reset the password back to the default password !@UNLOCK#$. It would be wise to store a copy of the password in your sponsoring organization's office files.

Step 3 - LDS & BSA Requirements Turn Off - If your unit is not sponsored by the LDS church then go to the Settings menu and click on LDS Enable. Change Enable to No. Then exit TroopSoft and sign back on to initialize the system again. If you are only running the CERT program you can also turn off the BSA tracking by going to the Settings menu and click on BSA Enable and change Enable to No.

Step 4 - BSA Unit Numbers - If you are in the U.S.A you must enter in your BSA Council unit numbers. Go to Settings/Sponsor Settings and click on Edit Units. Enter in your BSA council assigned unit numbers exactly as they appear on your last BSA charter for each unit you sponsor. Delete any units, such as Sea Scouts, not being run.

Step 5 - Adding Members Manually - Click on the Unit menu and click on Main menu to activate the Main menu. Then click on the Roster menu and select Add Person to Roster. Add some youth and their parents. It recommended that you add the whole family if you want to use TroopSoft's full features.

Step 6 - Importing Members - See the Tutorial webpage for more information

LDS Sponsored Units - With permission of your sponsoring organization's leaders LDS youth leaders can import member's required information as follows:

a. The sponsoring organization creates and saves the membership.csv and organization.csv files to a floppy disk or jump/memory stick by clicking on the Membership and Leadership buttons on the Membership Export program screen accessed from the File/Export program of the MLS program.

b. In TroopSoft go to Maintenance and click on Load Data Into TroopSoft. Then click on the Sponsor Membership File and then locate the file and then click on OK and import the data. Then click on Sponsor Leadership file next and repeat the process.

Non-LDS Sponsored Units - See our tutorial webpage for information on importing from your BSA unit's charter file created by your Council. Also, if your Sponsoring organization can generate a CSV export file of member's names, gender, address, city, state, zip and telephone number you can use the Miscellaneous CSV File option in Maintenance/Load Data Into TroopSoft.

Step 7 - Entering in Members Advancement Records - Click on the Unit menu and click on the desired youth unit such as the Scout Troop. Then click on the Roster menu and select Edit Person in Roster. Then click on the person to begin with. Click on the person's Advancement tab to access all of the youth awards. To enter in a requirement completion date click on the applicable rank/badge and the requirements will be displayed. Enter the date completed. You can auto pass off all requirements by scrolling to the end of the requirements and clicking on the manual completion box. Repeat the process for all youth.

Step 8 - Important! Backing Up Your Data Records to an External Drive - TroopSoft automatically creates backups onto your computer's designated drive. However, it is strongly recommended that you periodically create a leader's Sponsor Update transfer file in Maintenance/Export Data from TroopSoft/Sponsor Update and save it to an external drive encase your computer's hard drive fails. We recommend that at least you create a Sponsor Update file and include the date the file was created in its name everytime you create an Advancement Report for a Court of Honor or a Pack Meeting and save the file to an external drive such as a flash drive or memory stick. This is important because if your computer's hard drive fails or your files become corrupted and you do not have an available backup or copy of the data you will have to re-enter all data.

Step 9 - Learning the Programs - The Help menu will give some guidance. Once you have entered in some data go into the other programs and observe what each one does. There is a power point tutorial on that you can download.

Step 10 - Questions - All support for TroopSoft 4.0 is usually done by e-mailing to To keep the license fee low we do not return long distance calls. If we are not available call back again. E-mail us if you want to set up a time to call our offices. We do not provide computer systems support. You will need to contact a local computer consultant if your computer will not run Java or if it has insufficient memory to run a JAVA database. TroopSoft 4.0 will run faster as you add more memory.

Step 11 - Licensing Your Software - Click on the Registration or Order Products box on the home page to access the TroopSoft order and registration information.

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