TroopSoft's PC Platforms

'Setting the Standard of No PC Platform Limitations!'

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TroopSoft is the only BSA ScoutNET certified software that does not limit you to selecting your adult leadership based upon their PC's operating system! All adult leaders can use TroopSoft on the personal PC of their own choice and share data with no data file limitations - Only TroopSoft does this!

* Multiple Leader Sharing while Protecting Member Data *

In order to comply with the major sponsors of BSA units privacy rules TroopSoft not only provides multiple password levels but also provides an 'individual Sponsor web based' FTP multi-leader data sharing option for units that want to allow multiple leaders access to a common data base without their member's data being mixed with other unit's data on the internet. See the tutorial on setting up your sponsoring organization's TroopSoft FTP web database on one of your OWN leader's ISP's site. Sponsor's can control who has access to the FTP web based data directory which contains ONLY your unit's data and the member's privacy security still secures members privacy information which most of the non-certified internet based applications do not provide! With TroopSoft you control the security of your own web database! See the tutorial on setting up an FTP shareable database by clicking on the Tutorial button at the top of webpage or goto (