Passing Off Scouting & DTG Requirements Together

Preparing Group Award Spreadsheet:

1. First determine the BSA & DTG requirements you want to pass off together using the manuals or use the Requirement Search button to find similar requirements to load to the spreadsheet.

2. In Update click on Group Award Spreadsheet. If you have created a Requirement CSV file in the Requirement Planner click on Load from CSV and locate the file and upload it. Also you can click on the Requirement Search button to directly upload requirements. If you are importing a CSV file skip to step 7 below.

3. Click on the Select Awards button.

4. While holding down the Ctrl key click on each rank or award that has requirements you want to work on together.

5. Select Requirements - In the Included Requirements box you can clear all selected requirements by clicking on the Clear All button. While holding down the Ctrl key click on each requirement in each award that you want to work on and then click on the Add arrow. Click on the Ok button to upload the requirements.

6. Select Members - Click on the Select Youth button to call up the roster selection window. Select the roster to use, click on the members you want and press the Add arrow to add the members. You use as many different rosters as you want.

7. Entering Dates Completed - If all members on the roster passed off a requirement on the same date then enter in the date (mm/dd/yy) in the top box underneath the requirement number. Otherwise, enter in the individual date (mm/dd/yy) when a member completed a requirement.

8. Saving the File - If you want to save the requirement spreadsheet click on Save Spreadsheet and give the spreadsheet a unique name. You can also save it as an Excel compatible .CSV file for uploading on leader's or merit badge counselor's PDAs or computers.

9. Processing the File - You may add the entered requirement dates to the selected members files by pressing the Process button. Save the file first if you want to keep the format for future use.

10. Printing the File - Click on Print Report to access the Print Requirement Spreadsheet Report. Click on Print Preview button to view the report for accuracy.

11. Load from CSV - Click on Load from CSV button to call up a requirement spreadsheet that has to be updated by a leader or merit badge counselor. Locate the file and click on it to upload the CSV file into the spreadsheet program.