Installing & Setting Up TroopSoft

Installing TroopSoft - When installing TroopSoft it is recommended that you use the default install prompts. Only change from the defaults if you are an experienced computer user. You can install TroopSoft from your computer's download window or you can save the download file to your computer and then execute the file from the directory you saved the file to.

Once you have received the TroopSoft installation file by email from us and have saved the installion file to your computer you need to locate the installation file in the directory you saved it in and click on it and follow the instructions. We recommend that TroopSoft be installed on computers with internet access so the program can update itself automatically otherwise you will have to periodically download the update file from the TroopSoft download webpage and re-install it on your computer if it does not have internet access.

Setting Up TroopSoft:

1. Click on the TroopSoft icon on your computer's desktop and enter in your sponsoring organization's name. (Do not enter your name or the name of a BSA unit.) Sponsor names should be like Herriman 4th Ward or Moore Elementary PTA or Century Methodist Church.

2. Sponsor Acronym or Reference - Enter in an acronym or reference which will become the TroopSoft data file tag and the sponsor reference for all members you set up in that sponsor. For example the Herriman 4th Ward could be 4th or Herr04. Moore Elementary PTA could be MoorPTA. Use the common references used within your sponsoring organizations. If setting up multiple sponsors in a Stake or District each sponsor must have a unique sponsor reference that distinguishes their members from the other related sponsors.

3. Serial Number - If you have registered TroopSoft then you can enter in the serial number if asked for one.

4. Registration Number - If you have registered TroopSoft then you can register the software at anytime using the registration data file received from TroopSoft. Otherwise, you can use TroopSoft for 30 days which will allow you to run TroopSoft on your computer, install your Sponsor data and enter in awards and print out reports.

5. TroopSoft Sample Database - It is recommended that you proceed with importing or manually entering your Sponsoring Organization's membership. However, you can download and install a Sample database from the download page. Save the file to your computer and then in TroopSoft click on Maintenance/Load data into TroopSoft/Sponsor Update and browse for the file and import it into TroopSoft.

6. BSA Units - See BSA Unit Set Up below. Set up your BSA units council unit numbers in Settings/Sponsor Settings/Edit Units and enter in the BSA Council's unit number for each BSA unit sponsored by your organization. You can delete any BSA units you do not sponsor such as Sea Scout Ship.

7. Entering members - See the tutorials on importing members from your sponsoring organization or you can add members manually by clicking the Main roster under the Roster menu and selecting Add Person to Roster. You add members to the Main roster by clicking on Units and selecting the Main roster.

BSA Unit & Sponsor Set Up:

1. Click on Settings - Sponsor Settings - Edit Units

2. Enter the BSA assigned unit number for each unit you sponsor. Usually BSA unit $'s are 4 numbers. Put a 0 (zero) in front of the number is under 1000 like 0216 for Troop 216.

3. If you do not sponsor a BSA unit such as a Sea Scout unit then click on the related button and click on the delete button.

4. Unit Leader - Click on the unit leader button and select the leader if already set up in the database.

5. Telephone - Usually you would enter in the leader's phone number or meetinghouse telephone number.

6. Meetingplace - Enter in the name of the meeting place like Sugar City Ward Meetinghouse.

7. Address - Enter in the Meetingplace address information.

8. Unit Information - Complete the rest of the unit related information. When chartering you will update the leader training and quality unit information

9. Copy Meetinghouse Information from other Unit - If you have already filled in the unit information for another unit you can click on this button to load up the other unit's information.

10. BSA Unit Roster sorting - The BSA unit rosters default to auto-sorting which will move boys to the next BSA unit based upon the age. However, the BSA does not recognized a boy as moving to the next unit until the boy's joining application has been received. You can turn BSA autosorting off in Settings - System Settings - Edit Roster Auto-Sort Settings and turn auto-sorting off for BSA units. You can also lock a person into a Unit by calling up the person and under the Other tab click on the Prevent BSA Autosort box and if this is an LDS Church sponsored unit you can click on the Prevent LDS Autosort box. You can manually set a boy into a unit using the top of screen Roster Membership tab.

11. Special Needs feature - See 10 above for locking in a Special Needs scout into a unit. Once you have set up your members into TroopSoft call up the special needs person and click on the Roster Membership tab and select the unit type. Then under the Other tab check the Prevent Autosort boxes related to this unit and person.