TroopSoft Referral Incentive Program

Get your Ward or Stake TroopSoft license extended free simply by doing what most TroopSoft users already do! They tell their friends, business associates and family members across the country that they are using TroopSoft in their Stake or ward. Referral by TroopSoft users is the 2nd most common reason given by new users for checking out TroopSoft! You might as well get credit for it!

Stakes and wards can receive free extensions of their annual licenses simply by informing other 'non' TroopSoft users outside their Stake that they are using TroopSoft. If the referred Stake or Ward registers TroopSoft within 'six' months of the referral then then your Stake or Ward will receive an extension of your previously paid for annual license. The referred Stake or Ward must indicate who they were referred by at the time of their registration.

For Stake leaders its very easy to get referrals by simply informing the other Stake's leaders at your monthly District and council meetings that your Stake has started using TroopSoft. Remember that TroopSoft can used used by non-LDS units also. They simply turn off the LDS features when they first sign onto TroopSoft.


Earn Free License Periods - A licensed sponsor can get 6 months free extension of their TroopSoft license for every similar Stake or Ward referral of TroopSoft 'outside' of their Stake where the referred new Stake or Ward signs up for TroopSoft within 6 months of the referral. No other software awards you for doing what you would do anyway when you tell your friends, work associates and relatives across the nation that your Ward or Stake is using TroopSoft. Also, if you are a new ward licensee and your Stake signs up for TroopSoft within 6 months of your ward's sign up date the Stake receives full credit for your ward's purchase or it receives an equivalent extension of the Stake license period.

A Stake TroopSoft user that refers a new 'outside the Stake' ward user that Stake receives a prorata extension which generally equates to 1 month. However, if that ward's Stake upgrades within 6 months then the referring Stake receives the total 6 month extension.

If you have any questions concerning the referral policy contact us at