TroopSoft Friends of Scouting Drive Instructions

Get Ready for Friends of Scouting Drive Early! At least a month before the start of your drive! That will give you time to create or update routes, assign route leaders and get the information out to the route leaders. You can run the Friends of Scouting drive on a computer completely separate from the your other organization's youth data advancement information.

Update Household Information - Update in TroopSoft your membership with all families in your sponsor's area. Usually you will visit all households in your sponsoring organization's area even if the households are not members of your sponsoring organization. For vacant homes you could the name them Vacant-(address) so every house in your area is included in the drive.

Set Up Drive:

1. Click on the Fund Raisers/Drives program in the Update menu.

2. Click on Assign Districts/Routes

Drive Selection:

3. Select Friends of Scouting drive if it does not show up in the box on top left corner of screen and set the Year of the drive in the bottom left of the screen.

District Information:

4. Number - Usually you will only have 1 District per Sponsoring Organization. You may add a unique Name like FOS or leave the District name box blank.

5. Leader(s) - Select the leader(s) who is the drive chairman. Usually you will have one person responsible for the drive and maintaining of the drive records which probably is yourself.

Companionship List:

6. Route Name - After dividing up your area on a map assign a name to each area which may be as simple a Route 1, etc.

7. Select Companionship Name - Usually you will have 1 adult per route so click on the Select Companionship Name and select the assigned leader.

8. Add Companionship - Click on the Add Companionship button to add as many routes as you need and assign a name and leader for each one.

Family List:

9. Add Families - Add the family or households including vacant homes to the route by first activating the route by clicking on the bullet button next to the Route Name and then add or delete families using the buttons shown. Usually you will assign the households in the order they are in the neighborhood. When you move a family to a different route all of the family drive information follows the family to the next route.

10. Family Class - Usually each family or household is given a class of Friend of Scouting. You can add other classifications in Maintenance.

11. Route # - First review the routing numbering options by clicking on the Options button on the bottom left corner of the screen. If you are entering the households in the order the leader would contact the homes then leave the route number to auto assign. If you want to change or assign a number then change the setting in Options. Experiment with your first route to see which setting you want to have before moving to the next route.

12. Amount Pledged - Enter in the amount of the pledge or a minimum pledge you want leaders to ask for. If you have special donation levels such as Century Club - $100 then enter in that amount.

13. Receipts This Year - Enter in the amount received from each household during the drive.

Repeat the above steps for each companionship route

Printing Reports:

In the Reports menu click on Fund Raisers/Drives:

Contribution Lists - Select the report you desire to print. Usually each route leader would receive a list of households showing the prior year contributions and a space to write in the current year contributions as shown in the Route Progress Report. Review the reports and options to select the type of report you want.

Backing Up your Data:

The fund raisers and drives require alot of memory to run. It is strongly recommended that you have your back up setting in Maintenance set to Aggressive so a back up is made the first time you sign on every day. We also recommend that you create a Local Back Up or a Sponsor Update file after you complete the set up of each route. This will only take a minute to do but may save you hours of re-enter if you have computer memory issues. The safest back up is the creation of a Sponsor Update file to an external drive in Maintenance/Export Data from TroopSoft.