Setting up BSA Unit Numbers & Related Information

You must set up your BSA unit numbers and information for each unit you sponsor.

1. Click on Settings - Sponsor Settings - Edit Units

2. Enter the BSA assigned unit number for each unit you sponsor.

3. If you do not sponsor a BSA unit such as a Sea Scout unit then click on the related button and click on the delete button.

4. Unit Leader - Click on the unit leader button and select the leader.

5. Telephone - Usually you would enter in the leader's phone number or meetinghouse telephone number.

6. Meetingplace - Enter in the name of the meeting place like Sugar City Ward Meetinghouse.

7. Address - Enter in the Meetingplace address information.

8. Unit Information - Complete the rest of the unit related information. When chartering you will update the leader training and quality unit information

9. Copy Meetinghouse Information from other Unit - If you have already filled in the unit information for another unit you can click on this button to load up the other unit's information.

10. BSA Unit Roster sorting - The BSA unit rosters default to auto-sorting which will move boys to the next BSA unit based upon the age. However, the BSA does not recognized a boy as moving to the next unit until the boy's joining application has been received. You can turn BSA autosorting off in Settings - System Settings - Edit Roster Auto-Sort Settings and turn auto-sorting off for BSA units.