BSA Export File Uploading Instructions

Initializing your Unit Rosters with the BSA Export File Created by your Council:

It is best to use a download file from your Sponsoring Organization's records, if available. You can also use TroopSoft's Miscellaneous CSV Import file option where you define the import data field parameters. If a Sponsor import file is not available then your Council can create for each unit their BSA Export (LOD#####.CSV) file to get you started with the registered leader's names and boy's names. (Parents and family groupings are not provided in the BSA Export file and historical rank or merit badge records are only included in the Internet Advancement Transmittal file import option.) Only use the BSA Export file for the initial import. Do not use this file if you have already uploaded your members from your sponsor or added your members manually. After doing the import of all units then you must add each member's parent and family information manually.

1. Obtain from your council each of your sponsored BSA Unit's Export files.

*** Instructions for your Council on how to create the Unit Export File ***

a.) From Unit Maintenance search for and select the unit.

b.) Click on the Export button in the upper right portion of the screen, and click OK at Process Complete.

c.) The file will appear in the Report Repository as "Export file for Pack 3105".

d.) Click on the file name.

e.) At the File Download screen click Open* (Some users may not get the File Download screen).

f.) At the BSA Print screen choose Save To Disk and click OK.

g.) At the Open BSAPrint 'Save To' File screen, select where you want the file to be saved in the Save in: field (ex. A:). Do not change the file name. It should default to LOD then the 5 character/digit format for the unit (Ex. LODC3105 for Pack 3105 or LODS0002 for Troop 0002).

h.) Email the file to the unit leader or give the file on a diskette.

*** End Instructions for your Council on how to create the Unit Export File ***

2. Once you have your Council Export file (LOD) then in TroopSoft click on Maintenance and then click on Load Data Into TroopSoft.

3. Scroll to the BSA ScoutNET Set Up File and click on it to highlight it.

4. Click on Select Name in the Import File box. Browse your computer to where you have saved the Council's unit charter (LOD#####.csv) file and process the charter file using the import options you desire.

5. Repeat the same process for each unit sponsored. After the importing all of your units then you must add each boy's parents information and link the family members together.