Downloading BSA Advancement Records From Your Council

Creating Unit Advancement Report from Council Internet Advancement Site:

1. Sign onto the Council's Internet Advancement webpage and click on the Load Unit Roster button.

2. Once the Roster is loaded click on the Unit Advancement Summary button on the top left.

3. When the report is displayed click on File on the windows top bar menu. Then click on Save as and select a directory to save the report to and insert the unit number into the name so you can identify it from the other units.

4. Repeat steps 2 to 3 for each unit by clicking the Logout button and sign back on as the next unit.

Uploading Advancement Report PDF files into TroopSoft:

1. In TroopSoft click on Maintenance and then click on Load Data into TroopSoft.

2. Click on BSA Internet Advancement Report then click on the Select Name button. Browse for the Unit's PDF file to be imported and then click on the Open button.

3. To begin the import click on the OK button and review the matching of members. If you have any questions concerning a member then change the member's import status to Do Not Import. Then Process the file.

4. Review the member's ranks and merit badges and check for accuracy of the data imported. If there are problems then reload the last back up created automatically by TroopSoft on every import. Click on Load Local Backup and select the last back up prior to the importing of the Unit PDF file.

5. Repeat Steps 2 to 4 for each BSA Unit.

Venturing Crew Limitations on Rank Importing

For Venturing Crews the BSA Advancement Summary PDF file only includes ranks beginning with Star. Users will have to enter in manually ranks of Boy Scout to First Class. The reason those ranks are not included is that ranks through First Class must be earned in a Scout Troop or Varsity Team.