Creating an Export file for Exchanging data or as an External Backup

Creating an Export file:

1. In Maintenance click on Export Data from TroopSoft.

2. Highlight Sponsor Update and click on the Select Name button.

3. Click on Add/Remove Names.

4. With Main roster highlighted in the left box click on the Select All button and then click on the Add button and then on the Ok button.

5. Click on the Export Filename button and give the file a name (like 23RDExport if you were the Eagle 23rd for a sponsor name) and then click on Save button.

6. Click on Save button to begin the export file creation process. We recommend that you set your own import and export data directory in System Settings/Import/Export Defaults. Also, if you are creating the file as an external back up file then save the file to your external drive.

7. Transfer the file by email, memory stick or diskette to the other leader or to retain the file as a back up encase of system failure and normal backups cannot be retrieved. Be sure to periodically store the Sponsor Update file to an external drive as a back up encase your computer drive fails or your TroopSoft data becomes corrupted beyond recovery.

Importing from Another Leader's Export file:

(Although TroopSoft always creates a backup file upon import its is recommended that the leader make a Sponsor Update export file in Maintenance/Export Data From TroopSoft to an external drive as an additional backup.)

1. Click on Load Data into TroopSoft on the Maintenance Menu.

2. Highlight Sponsor Update file at top of window and click on Select Name button.

3. Browse to where the export file was saved on your computer and highlight the file and click on the Open button.

4. You can use the Options button on the import window to change the member matching parameters.

5. Click on the OK button to begin import process.

6. When members are shown you may change the import status of any member by clicking on their name.

7. Overwrite Current Records - This box is commonly checked by leaders who want a periodic complete update of their data files from another leader. However, a leader who does NOT want his data changed will NOT check the Overwrite box when importing from another leader's data base. When the Overwrite box is NOT checked TroopSoft imports only items that do not have a date already entered in the importing leader's data files. The person who has the master database, like the official scout advancement records used to generate the Council Advancement transmittal files, will NEVER allow his official records to be overwritten. TroopSoft automatically makes a backup every time an import is done. Backups are saved for about 3 months. We recommend that users make their own Sponsor Update export file prior to importing from another leader's file as secondary back up.

Combined Sponsor Units Importing Options:

If you are running combined units between sponsors such as combined Packs or Troops, etc. and you still are maintaining the charters of the individual sponsor's units then you can set a sponsor flag in the member's Notes field to allow only the sponsor's youth's data to be imported from the combined unit into the separate sponsoring organization. At the individual sponsoring organization level (not at the combined unit level) use the Override Code program in Maintenance to set the Sponsor in each of your member's Notes data field. In the Enter Override Code program enter in the words: Set Sponsor in Note and then press the OK button. That sponsor's acronym will be added to the Notes field of each member. Then when using the import routine of Load Data Into TroopSoft click on the Filter button and enter in your Sponsor's TroopSoft acronym and process in the file. Only those members' data that match your sponsor acronym will be imported. WARNING - This override code will overwrite any other entries in the member's Notes field.

When to Backup Your Files:

Whenever TroopSoft performs a program upgrade or you import data TroopSoft automatcally creates a local back up which you can restore in Maintenance/Load Local Backup. However, these back up files are stored on your computer's internal hard drive. The back up files are dated so you restore files back at least 100 days. So if you do not like the results of an import of data you can restore your data immediately prior to the import. It is recommended that you also create a Sponsor Update back up file to an external drive whenever you are going to import from another leader or as part of a periodic back up procedure. Determine a set time to create a Sponsor Update as a back up of your data to an external drive such as ever Court of Honor/Pack Meeting or once a month, etc. You create the Sponsor Update file in Maintenance/Export Data from TroopSoft.

Recovering Ranks & Badges Upon Computer Failure:

If your data is lost and you do not have a back up file or a Sponsor Update file then you will have to recreate your sponoring organization file and either get a Sponsor Update file from another leader or import your membership again from your sponsoring organization and then, if you have been entering your ranks and badges on your Council's Advancement website, you can download them into TroopSoft. See the tutorial on downloading your advancement data from the BSA Council Advancement Summary Report.