Deleting or Transferring Member Records

Preparing Member Advancement History Reports:

1. In Reports click on Member to access the Print Member Report screen.

2. Rosters/Subunits - Click on Full Main Roster.

3. Include Records - Unclick All and then click each of the family's boys and girls that have BSA or church advancement records stored on the computer. If multiple leaders are tracking the family's boys and girls advancement separately then consolidate the family member records into one data base or separate reports and transmittal files may be made for the boys and girls.

4. Select Reports - In the bottom reports selection section click on all reports that DO NOT include 'Uncompleted' in the description.

5. Click on Print or Print Preview and print out 2 copies of the report. Give one copy to the family and keep one copy in your Unit's permanent records until the youth has reached at least age 19.

Preparing Member Advancement History Transmittal File:

6. In Maintenance click on Export data from TroopSoft.

7. Select Sponsor Update and click on OK button.

8. Click on Add/Remove Names and from the Main Roster select All of the family members or at least the youth members that have advancement & leadership history and add them to the Selected Group Members and click on Ok.

9. Select Data to Transfer - In the data files windows uncheck any data files that do not relate to the people being transferred.

10. Click on Export Filename - Select the directory or floppy disk drive to save the Export file to and then enter in a name for the file and click OK. Then back at the Export window click OK to create the file.

11. Give the printed reports and the data file to the family to take with them to their new unit. Mark the disk TroopSoft data for _________ family members