TroopSoft Override Codes

TroopSoft provides override codes to correct data files. In the Settings menu click on Enter Override Code to access the program. Codes authorized for user use at anytime are listed below. If TroopSoft support emails you an Override code enter it in this program.

Clear Dup Add - Clears duplicate member's street address lines.

Set Sponsor in Note - Sets Sponsor Acronym for Import Filtering - Adds the currently 'opened' Sponsor's TroopSoft acronym into the Note field for all members. This usually should be done at the 'sponsoring organization level only' if you are using TroopSoft for BSA Internet Chartering and Advancement Report uploading. (However, if you only have a few boys in a combined unit you could add the applicable TroopSoft acronym manually to each member's Notes field and then immediately export to each sponsor to set the acronym.) If you have combined Packs or Troops, etc. between several sponsoring organizations this feature should NOT be run at the 'combined database level' as it will set the combined database's acronym as the sponsor default for all youth members. The leaders of the individual sponsoring organizations can use the 'Filter' button when importing from a combined database back into their individual organization's data base to allow only their members information to be imported back into their database. WARNING - This override code will overwrite any other entries in the member's Notes field.