TroopSoft BSA Advancement Report Uploading Instructions

Verifying BSA Roster Where the Boys are Currently Assigned:

1. TroopSoft usually is set to autosort the BSA rosters based upon the boys birthdates. However, the BSA Council's internet unit rosters are only updated upon the submission of a new unit Joining Application. You may turn off TroopSoft's autosorting in the Settings menu's AutoSort Rosters program. If you do not use TroopSoft's autosort the boys should be in their proper BSA unit if you manually moved the boys after you turned in their Joining Application. If not, then do the following steps to ascertain which BSA unit roster the boys are assigned to.

2. Sign onto the Council's Internet Advancement webpage and click on the Load Unit Roster button. Note the differences between the boys on the BSA Unit Roster and the Unit's TroopSoft's Unit Roster. Repeat this procedure for each unit you have new awards to be uploaded.

3. In TroopSoft update the BSA Unit rosters by calling up each boy that needs to be reassigned to the BSA unit they are currently registered in. For each boy click on the boy's Membership Roster tab and check the box for the BSA unit they are currently registered in on your BSA council's records.

4. Repeat the process for each boy that needs to be moved back to his assigned BSA unit.

5. Do not sign off of TroopSoft until after you have generated each of the Unit's Advancement tramsmital files. Be sure to take all Boy's new Joining Applications with you when you pick up the awards at the Council office so the boys will be transferred into their proper unit by the next Court of Honor.

Awards Not Uploadable to the BSA Advancement Webpage

Although Cub Scout Arrow Points and Webelos Activity Badges are included in the Advancement transmittal file created by TroopSoft they are NOT currently uploaded by the BSA Advancement's upload program into the BSA's advancement files. Upload your Cub ranks and then manually enter your Cub Scout Arrow Points and your Webelos Activity Badges into each individual boys records. You can print out multiple BSA Advancement Reports and submit them together to your council. Be sure to print out the TroopSoft Awards shopping list so you have a total count by type of award to use when you pick up your awards.

Creating the Advancement Report and Transmittal File

Selecting the BSA Advancement Report and Transmittal File Creation Program:

In the Reports menu click on Awards and then click on BSA Advancement Report.

Select the BSA Unit to create the Advancement Report and Transmittal File for:

Click on the Roster tab to select the type of unit to be included in the Advancement Report.

Selecting the BSA Awards to be included in the Advancement Report and Transmittal File:

Click on the Awards tab to select the type of awards to be included on the report.

Selecting the Date Range and Board of Review date and Creation of Transmittal File:

Click on the Settings tab and set the award selection date range or period which is usually all awards earned since the last report submitted. Set the Report and Board of Review dates and check the Generate Transmittal Disk File box and click on the Select Directory/Drive button to set the location where the transmittal file will be saved.

Click on the Print Preview button to view the report for completeness then click on Print button to print the Advancement report and create the transmittal file.

Uploading the Advancement Transmittal file to Your BSA Council

1. Sign onto the BSA Advancement Report internet program.

2. At the home page, click Continue to begin Load Roster Stage.

3. At the Load Roster page, click on the Upload Advancement File button. If the Load roster page does not show the Load Roster and the Upload Advancement File buttons when you sign on then click on the Start Over button and repeat the sign on. Important: Once the user has selected Upload Advancement File, he or she may Cancel Upload if they do not wish to continue. This will result in the roster being loaded from the council information. Start Over can be done to return the user to Load Roster stage.

4. At the Upload Advancement File page, click Browse to open the File Upload box. In the File Upload box, locate and select the correct file, and click Open. File names look like the following with S for troop, V for Varsity Team, X for Venturing Crew and C for Cub pack. Once you have selected the proper unit file click on the Upload File button to upload the file.

Result: Once select the Unit's transmittal file it will be verified for compliance and then all the data will be automatically uploaded. If the advancement transmittal file was not an approved version and data format, an error message is displayed and processing does not occur. View the error message and take the appropriate steps to correct the error.

5. At the process advancement report click on Review Advancement Report in the top left corner and view the results of the file processing. Compare the results of the processing to the advancement that was selected for upload. Any member who was not updated may be entered manually. If records in the file were not recorded there are several possible reasons: the exact first name and last name match with council information did not occur, the exact date of birth match did not occur, or a member in the file is not currently on the unit roster. If a specific badge was not recorded, it may not be in the pick list to be recorded.

6. Complete all advancement entry and click Next to continue with report submittal and printing of the final report. Print two copies of the report and we suggest you also save the report's PDF file to your computer. Take both print outs to the council offices and have them both stamped. Keep one copy in your permament records.

Warning - The BSA Council Internet Advancement Data Base is not the Official BSA Advancement Records for approval of Eagle applications or Palms. The printed Advancement Reports stamped by the Council are the official advancement records. Always check the boy's records to the printed and stamped BSA Advancement Reports.

Annual Year End Advancement Report and Transmittal File:

In order for your Council's annual advancement tracking records to be correct ALL BSA units (Cubs, Troop, Team & Crew) must submit EACH year a final year-end advancement report for each unit including all awards since the unit's last submitted advancement report to December 31st of current year! This also means you should be scheduling Board of Reviews in late December for any rank that will be dated as completed in the current year.

New Users of the BSA Council's Internet Advancement Programs:

If you have not entered any rank or badge history into your Council's Internet Advancement data base you can enter in your full history by first creating a transmittal file in TroopSoft for each unit using the date range 01/01/1985 to 12/31/06 and upload each of the units advancement files. This will update the Council's prior calendar years data. Then do the same process for 01/01/07 up to the last Court of Honor advancement report you submitted on the old paper only Advancement reports in 1997. This procedure will bring up to date so you will then be ready to generate the next advancement report with a date range from the last advancement report submitted to the current advancement report to be submitted.