Jungle Smarts - The Game

"Don't Talk to Strangers!"

Its a great game for the whole family! Parents and grandparents make sure your children and grandchildren have this potential life saving game in the family library. Give the gift of safety! Children can play this game with their parents, grandparents or older brothers and sisters. This is an interactive game between the parents and their children giving the parents a fun forum to teach their children. Parents can teach their children not only basic safety rules but also their family rules as to who they can go with, where they can go, when they can go and when permission is required. They can discuss what to do when approached by a stranger or even a person they know that wants the child to go with them. They can also teach them when they should approach a stranger if they become lost or need adult help in an emergency situation. Also, who they can go to for help when they feel threaten or are lost like police officers, utility workers, mail carriers, store clerks and neighbors. See May 2006 report at bottom of page on why 'Stanger Danger' is needed more than ever before. This game is also a great fund raiser for PTA's, youth groups or individuals to earn funds and for private foundations and governmental organizations, including law enforcement, to provide to the families as a service to their community.

Jungle Smarts carries the "OFFICER FRIENDLY" GUIDE TO CHILD SAFETY seal.

Never Ever Rules Of Child Safety

Jungle Smarts is a child safety game designed to help parents and children have fun together while the parents teach their children important safety information. During the game they help their children learn and memorize the Never Ever Rules of child safety when not in an emergency situation:

Jungle Smarts - The Game

Never Ever take a ride from a stranger!

Never Ever take candy from a stranger!

Never Ever take money from a stranger!

Never Ever wander out of Parent's sight!

Never Ever go quietly if a stranger grabs or bothers you!

Never Ever go looking for a puppy with a stranger!

Never Ever wander into out-of-way places!

Never Ever tell a stranger you are home alone!

Never Ever stay out alone after dark!

Never Ever walk home alone!

The learning process takes place within a friendly and adventurous game setting with parents as the child's guide and mentor.

The Game - Ages 4 and up (2 to 4 players)

Jungle Smarts - The Game

The adventure begins as you become Eli the Elephant, Gerry the Giraffe, Cubby the Lion Cub, or Gabby the Gorilla, and make your way home through the Mighty Jungle! Hurry along the colorful trail by rolling the extra large die and moving to the matching colored footprint. Look for Stretch the Orangutan and take a shortcut through the jungle. Visit Hippopotamus Pond, Pretty Bird Falls, Bugaboo's Bungalow and be careful as you enter the Mighty Jungle Storm.

Jungle Smarts - The Game

If you're the first to reach the end of the trail you're home - remember, now, watch out for Dizzy Dan the Stranger Man, and his clever traps!

(c) Copyright 1996 Jungle Smarts is a copyrighted board game of DMC Productions, Springville, Utah. All rights reserved.

Stranger Danger is Needed More than Ever Washington State Attorney General and the US. Department of Justice Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, May 2006, Missing Children Homicide Report - A must read for all parents. Findings Summary: Over 50% of murder abductions were by 'strangers' to the child and first contact was usually made within 1/4 mile of the child's home! 'And well over half of these abductions that led to murder took place within three city blocks of the victimís home and approximately one-third of the abductions occurred within one-half block. Perhaps the most important single thing we can do as parents to protect our children is to be certain that our children are supervised, even if they are in their own front yard or neighborhood street.'

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