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This game helps parents teach their young children how and when they should interact with strangers in a fun and exciting board game format. Approved by the Officer Friendly program. You and your kids move through the jungle encountering different situations in which parents teach their children what they should do such as when they are lost versus when they are asked by a stranger to go with them. A great game for pre-schools, kindergardens, hospitals & the family. Give the lifetime gift of safety to your children or grandchildren!

If you're looking for a great party game that is alot of fun or as a gift for someone who loathes governmental spending then you have to get this game. Reduce the deficit the most before the end of your four year Congressional Term and you win. Who can reduce the all governmental programs and agencies in the least amount of time. Learn the basics of governmental funding without even knowing that you are. Stop the other players with Pork Barrell projects!

LDS church members can follow the pioneers from Upper State New York to the Salt Lake Valley. Teach your children, ages 4 and up, about the pioneers trials and blessings as they pass through many important pioneer sites. A great Family Home Evening game!

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Utah's Best Youth Leader Helps for Meetings and Camps

Crazy Cory's Cub Ideas Click here for two booklets containing exciting activities, camp skits, etc. for Cub leaders, Scout leaders and Girl's leaders.

The Legend of the Bear Lake Monster Click here for the exciting campfire story about the Bear Lake monster. Be the hit of the campfire. Your youth will keep asking for the Bear Lake Monster story. A great campfire story that gets and holds your youth's attention!

Cub Pow Wow Rom CDs Click here for two CD's backed with activities to do, play and learn for families, teachers and youth leaders.

Appetizers to Zucchini CD Click here for a CD's containing over 18,000 favorite family recipes include dutch oven cooking.

Mormon Grit Click here for information on the new book "Mormon Grit". A compilation by subject matter of great quotes from the early leaders of the LDS church. Limited number of autographed copies available! A great addition to your LDS reference library.

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