SBF Publication Company's Support

E-mail - Use the Email Problem Report option on the Sign On screen as the first option for support. E-mail if further contact is necessary describing the problem and exactly what you were doing when the problem occurred. We usually can respond back by the next business day. Alot of users use TroopSoft in the evenings and will e-mail their questions or ideas for new TroopSoft features in the evening so they can have a response back during the next day before they return home. Usually, unless our office is closed for seasonal holidays, vacations, and other business purposes, we can respond back before the next evening when the user will be back at their home computer. Live support is usually not needed but long distance users may use e-mail to set up a time to call for live support. TroopSoft does not provide computer systems support. Contact your computer supplier or retailer for computer systems support.

Telephone - Call 801-292-5787 from 8 am to 5 pm MST Monday to Friday and we will respond back as we are available basis. Please avoid weekends and Monday evenings. Due to the fact that most users use TroopSoft at home at different times during the day making contact by phone is difficult. Most TroopSoft support issues can be handled by e-mail or you can arrange by e-mail for a time when you can call when you are at your computer if you need live support. All international users must use the email support option and, if necessary, they can set up a time when they will call us if telephone support is needed. TroopSoft does not make international calls and does not accept collect calls.