List of TroopSoft Features

System Design & Requirements - TroopSoft, a Sun Microsystems Java application, which will run on windows, linux and Mac.

TroopSoft Zone - LDS Stake Version - TroopSoft runs on a Ward basis and on a Stake Basis under one set of software. TroopSoft recognizes whether the Stake or the Ward version is licensed. The Stake version, called TroopSoft Zone, licenses the Stake and all of its Wards and all of the Stake and Ward leaders. TroopSoft Zone has all of the features of TroopSoft Unit, the Ward version, plus it includes the additional feature of being able to call up rosters displaying the list of the Wards from anywhere within TroopSoft and select members from any Ward. Plus the Stake version includes additional reports or programs for the Stake like Stake Family rosters, Stake committees, Stake merit badge counselors lists, Meetinghouse merit badge counselor lists, Stake Searches for talents, leadership positions held, ranks, etc., Stake form letters, and many more Stake features. And TroopSoft Zone is less expensive than TroopSoft Unit, the LDS Ward version.


Manages Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Varsity, Venturing, Sea Scouts & Young Women & Activity Days programs Automatic transferring of any segment of member data between users and Stake or Wards Transferring or backing up of data Unlimited number of Sponsor's leaders may install and use software Instruction manual on-line under main menu HELP menu Includes the complete Duty to God & Faith in God & Young Women programs E-mail support for ALL leaders of a licensed Stake or Ward & annual updates provided Dual level password security protecting member's personal information Import membership and Leadership data from LDS Membership program export files Automatic youth units joining dates calculations upon importing Youth leader and sponsor's leaders member notes files History file for archiving member's records Interface with the BSA Council's ScoutNET software for advancement reporting & chartering


Membership Information: Birthdate (over 21 protected), parents, parents telephone, vehicle Address, phone, dues & fees, classes, magazine taken, talents, blood type, medical, notes

Committees & Counselors:

Youth and Adult Committees


Dues & Fees Tracking:

Tracks each boy's balances of annual dues, camp fees, Boys' Life fees, registration fees & other fees<

Fund raisers/drives & districts:

Unlimited number of monetary and non-monetary funds or drives

99 districts per fund

Up to two leaders per district

User defined 'district leaders' title per fund raiser

Unlimited number of house in route order per district

Prints lists of funds, districts, donation slips, etc.

12 contact periods tracking on non-monetary funds

Upload selected family members option

Prints all members of household on CERT districts


Prints individual letters or form letters

Save form letters for recurring use


Tracks scouting & sponsor religious awards & their requirements and badge requirements

Tracks unit #, date & counselor for each award earned

Prints all available badges tabular 3 column report by member with unit & date earned included

Youth ranks, requirements, etc. automatically set up upon importing member data

Allows member group loading of earned awards including date earned, counselor, etc.

Tracks ranks, requirements, positions, attendance, merit/activity badges, cub electives

Maintains patrol activities logs, camp out logs & service hours logs, YM/YW service projects & sacrament talks

Maintains youth's leader and sponsor's leaders encrypted member consultations files

Complete advancement tracking including Eagle or Young Womanhood awards:

Prints months since last advancement

Prints months to 18th birthday for Eagle & 19th birthday for Young Women <

Prints non-qualified leadership position held warning

Prints required merit badges/cub activity badges needed

Prints total badges/activity badges needed

Prints Patrol activities, camps, service hours needed

Prints requirements, cub electives needed

Prints camp outs needed for camping merit badges

Prints unearned required badges

Prints unearned requirements, electives, etc.

Prints sponsor YM/YW awards requirements including service projects & talks

Prints spread sheet like completion rosters:

Prints members down left column, requirement's across top columns & dates earned

Prints combined Duty to God/Scout/Faith in God/Young Women requirement completion roster

Prints rank/award requirements & electives completion roster

Prints cub achievements requirements completion roster

Prints badge requirements completion rosters

Prints Awards Earned:

User selects date range to search for awards earned for Pack meeting or Courts of Honor

Prints Boy Scout rank and merit badge cards

Prints listing of ranks, badges, requirements, achievements, etc. earned during period

Prints totals by rank, etc. at end of each report

Prints Statistics Report:

User selects which awards to summarize on report and date range to select from

Prints membership additions information


Free Support:

All telephone, FAX, E-mail support is free except End User pays for any toll charges.

Continuous Software Upgrades:

Each leader in the Stake or Ward can download directly to their personal computer all

upgrades issued during the license year. No waiting for mail. No waiting for other

leaders to distribute copies of software. Each End User updates themselves directly

from our web site. It couldn't be easier!