TroopSoft Version 5.0

Youth Advancement & CERT Software for All Sponsoring Organizations

Reducing Leaders Time While Increasing Youth Progress!

It's Only with BSA ScoutNET Certified Software!

TroopSoft Allows You to run Standalone or in the Clouds!

TroopSoft is the only scouting program that creates PDF and JPEG reports for viewing on all compatible handheld devices like Ipad, Ibooks, eReader, Kindle, Nook & most cell phones so you can stay informed all the time! And TroopSoft also creates Excel compatible requirement spreadsheets which can be used on compatible mobile devices and on Google's free internet spreadsheets which all your leaders can access for free!

Click here to view tutorial on using mobile devices and Google free internet spreadsheets.

FTP Internet Secure Sharing

"This is the functionality (Sponsor Only FTP Internet Data
Sharing) that we have been waiting for!!! I set mine up today, and it appears
to be working great." Scout Leader - Nevada

TroopSoft's sponsor locally controlled FTP Internet multi-leader sharing allows leaders to view & update a 'single sponsor's ONLY database' with automatic backups stored 'locally' on your unit leader's computers. If your internet server goes down your unit leaders can still get critical reports out because the database is also on their local computers! If you were using an 'internet only database' your data would be lost along with all of their other users. However, with TroopSoft's use of your local internet provider's FTP server that contains ONLY your sponsor's TroopSoft data your leader's can still access the last data files as they are automatically duplicated on the leader's computer's hard drive!

Click here to go directly to tutorial on setting up your Sponsor ONLY FTP Internet Sharing

BSA Copyright Policy

The Boy Scouts of America National office has stated that they have not granted permission to any scouting software provider to display, print or distribute in ANY form their copyrighted symbols & rank and/or award descriptions and requirements, etc. and scouting advancement applications that provide such materials are in violation of their copyrights. Most sponsoring organizations prohibit the use of third party copyrights without specific written permission from the copyright holder. Individuals that use scouting applications that display the BSA copyrighted symbols and award descriptions may also be in violation of the BSA's copyrights.

TroopSoft Software & our users are in compliance with the BSA Copyright Policy!

Scouting Software Comparison

Scouting Software Comparison The results shown are based upon limited review of the software packages shown and the user will need to test the software themselves if they have questions concerning the various features of each software package shown. TroopSoft and Troopmaster are the ONLY scouting programs certified by the BSA which means their advancement routines were reviewed by the BSA National office and their advancement routines results are EXACTLY the same!

None of the current internet ONLY based scouting websites are certified. Most are only 'fill in the box' applications with no actual advancement monitoring and all were found to be in violation of the BSA's copyrights which is prohibited by almost ALL BSA sponsoring organizations! Those that try to do advancement monitoring do not do it properly resulting in their users scouts' advancement toward their Eagle Rank to be significantly delayed or even improperly terminated. None of these internet uncertified scout advancement program's advancement reports were found to agree with TroopSoft's BSA certified advancement reports! When a leader switches to BSA certified software most of the 'critical' advancement to Eagle problems are found immediately giving you the time to resolve them with your council's advancement offices to get your scouts back onto the proper trail to Eagle. Do not wait to change until its too late! More importantly don't wait to get your scouts' advancement problems resolved before their mothers finds out! Now that could get ugly!

It is better to catch the noncertified internet scouting application's errors NOW by upgrading to TroopSoft BSA Certified software before the scout's Eagle application is rejected by your council offices or even worse at the scout's Eagle Board of Review! It even gets worse - one of the 'uncertified' internet advancement scouting websites actually reassigns merit badges improperly each time the next rank is earned so the merit badge's dates no longer align properly with the Council's rank earned record dates creating a Board of Review nightmare!

A Sampling of Scout Leaders Emails about TroopSoft

"This is really a great Program" - Zone Scout Leader, Washington

"This is the functionality (Sponsor Only FTP Internet Data Sharing) that we have been waiting for!!!
I set mine up today, and it appears to be working great." - Scout Leader, Nevada

"We started using TroopSoft towards the beginning of the year and really like it's abilities and how it is able to track the progress of all of our youth. I wanted to commend you on creating this program and let you know that we really like it." - Sponsor Leader, California

"Hello, I am so excited about the Scoutsoft program after I tried the trial time with the program. How do I register?" - Advancement Chairman, Idaho

"Gentlemen, I downloaded your program for a 30 day trial. Its is the best I have ever seen. Our Zone is going to use it in all its sponsors." - Zone Scout Leader, Southern California

"Thank you for all the help you have been for our Zone. We are up and running. We love the new version." - Advancement Chairman, California

"I will pass this along to the others in our district that are looking for a Great software package. I just went into the report area and built myself a Tour permit report, and I see where I can get more of the information that I was wanting and how I can customize my reports. I'll keep in contact as I find things that may benefit others." - Scouter, Arizona

"We are loving the software." - Committee Chairman, Colorado

"... kind of a look what a cool program we have and this is how you use it." - Zone Scout Leader, California

"I love the software it has made things so much easier for us to keep things organized." - Committee Leader, US Military, Germany

" additional piece of praise, thanks for making a Mac client � as well as the PC one. We have 2 Mac users in our unit and 3 PC users � it is good that we can all use the same product and that the product is done well. I was tempted to do my own app � but this one looks like it has everything that I need." - Scoutmaster, Utah, Mac User

"I am the Advancement chairman on our troop committee and that's why I purchased Scout soft. (By the way - I think its great!)." - Advancement Chairman, Kansas

"PS This is a wonderful program that you have here!" - Committee Member, Utah

"I am the cub master for Pack 4###. We love Scoutsoft and use it heavily. My license is about to expire. How do I renew this?" - Cubmaster, Utah

Below are comments from a sponsor's leader whose church switched back to TroopSoft after using one of the non-BSA certified internet scouting applications for the past few years:

"Thanks - this is exactly why I am driving so hard to get us back on track. I am frankly amazed at how we have appear[ed] to have digressed over the past few years. Not to worry though, I am committed to have us back on track within a couple of months as far as having the critical right information in front of the right folks at the right time to facilitate the right decisions & understanding. Thanks for your assistance." - Church Leader, Utah

TroopSoft is certified by the BSA as a ScoutNET authorized software!

TroopSoft's low annual license fits easily within your Sponsoring Organization's budget!

TroopSoft's 4.0 Java version runs on the major platforms - Windows, Linux and Mac!

If the Sponsoring Organization sponsors CERT-Community Emergency Response Teams or similar emergency services program TroopSoft helps you structure and management your volunteer leaders and response program!

TroopSoft has NO LIMITATIONS on data exchanging between leaders!

TroopSoft allows leaders the choice to use a shareable data file controlled by the local leader on the local leader's internet provider instead of on some other businesses' internet site and/or server!

- TroopSoft, as a certified BSA ScoutNet program, uploads and downloads data with your BSA council. Scouters can upload their advancement reports and their BSA annual charters directly onto the BSA's Internet advancement and chartering programs. (Cub Leaders - currently the BSA only automatically uploads Cub Scout ranks. Arrow points and Webelos Activity Badges must be entered manually on the BSA Internet Advancement website.) Leaders can also import members' names and addresses from their BSA council's data base. TroopSoft creates a sponsor BSA membership transfer file making it easy to set up the new sponsor's BSA units. TroopSoft can also export member's advancement records not only between leaders within the sponsor but with new sponsors. Only BSA CERTIFIED SCOUTNET software can upload Charters and Internet Advancement Reports to your Council's internet website.

TroopSoft Users can Download Advancement Records Already Entered on the Council's Internet Advancement Website - TroopSoft is the ONLY ScoutNET Certified Software that offers this feature! Scouters that have been entering their ranks and badges on their council's BSA Internet Advancement website can download from the council's website all of the ranks and badges directly into TroopSoft. Because TroopSoft has this download feature the BSA Internet Advancement website also serves as an offsite back up of your advancement data. If your computer corrupts your data base you can download the ranks and badges from the council if you do not have back up of your advancement records! Only TroopSoft users can do this!

Warning to Scout Leaders - The BSA Council's internet advancement files for ranks and merit badges is not the official data base of the BSA for approval of Eagle applications since the data is inputed by the unit leaders and may be changed by unit leaders. Eagle applications will continue to be checked against the printed BSA Advancememt Reports submitted to your council. You should always check your rank and merit badges dates earned against the printed BSA Advancement Reports. Also, the BSA internet advancement webpage only provides a check of months between ranks beginning with Tenderfoot. It does not track the 30 days physical fitness requirement between Scout and Tenderfoot! The BSA's Council's internet advancement is only a historical record of merit badges and ranks. It does not provide any Trail to Eagle Scout advancement progress information for the Scout leaders, the scouts, their parents and for the Sponsoring Organization's leaders. TroopSoft, BSA Certified Software, provides progress reports and summaries of what a boy needs to do to complete his next rank and of his complete Trail to Eagle!

TroopSoft's low single sponsor & sponsoring organization District annual licenses is 40% less than the other ScoutNet Certified software which savings adds up year after year! The licenses apply to all sponsor organization owned computers and to all of their leader's personal computers at home or at work. An individual sponsoring organization's annual license currently is only $59.00 per year for all BSA units in the sponsor! However, the better value is the District Annual License that currently only costs $199.00 per year and covers all district leaders and the individual sponsor's leaders for up to 15 sponsors in the District. TroopSoft also offers large multiple year license discounts with current discounts as high as $28 off of a single sponsor 3 year license and a $130 off of a District 3 year annual license! The District 3 Year Annual License is the Best Value!

The District version also allows for many district wide reports including merit badge counselors for the whole district. TroopSoft is the least expensive BSA certified software package for tracking Boy Scouting and Cub Scouting advancement!

Operating System and Transferring Data - TroopSoft Version 4.0 and above is a Java based program and TroopSoft is the ONLY BSA certified software package that runs on all three major PC operating systems - Windows XP & Vista, MAC & Linux! You do not need to select your adult leaders based upon what type of PC operating system they have!. The speed of the software is solely dependent on the user's computer's amount of RAM memory and the speed of their hard disk drive. TroopSoft, as a java based program, will also run on Linux and Apple's Mac. TroopSoft data files can be transferred between leaders on a data field by data field basis. Multiple leaders can be tracking the same requirements and update each other. When a leader is released they simply transfer the data files to the new leader and the new leader continues on with no interruption. TroopSoft has eliminated the hassle of updating your software as it will automatically check for new program updates, download them and install them for you.

TroopSoft allows sponsoring organization's that sponsor CERT or similar emergency response teams to set up their full Emergency Preparedness program. TroopSoft's CERT program includes district leaders, district runners, district family assignment, family members in household and approximate age under 21 or Adult or Senior, family-owned and sponsored-owned emergency equipment, family emergency status reporting of OK-Green, Need Non-Emergency Help-Yellow and Emergency Help Needed-Red. Full district family status reporting provided. TroopSoft ensures continuity of information when CERT leaders change!

TroopSoft has NO LIMITATIONS on data exchanging between leaders - Unlike other scouting software TroopSoft users can update each other with all or any part of another leader's data files. The leader simply creates an export file and either emails the file or creates a diskette to hand to the other leader for uploading. Plus TroopSoft has the most powerful import/export member and data selection criteria among all scouting software packages. The receiving leader has complete control over what data is or is not updated to his data base. Fast, easy, safe and secure with full user controlled data importing!

TroopSoft's 4.0 Java version runs on the major platforms - Windows, Linux and Mac! Plus with TroopSoft's Print to File feature all reports can be saved to a PDF, JPEG or PNG format for storing on leader's mobile phones (if compatible). Phone List, Unit Rosters, Advancement Status, Requirements Completed reports, etc. can all be saved and loaded onto compatible leader's mobile phones for viewing by all youth leaders.

TroopSoft limits your organization's exposure to member's identity theft by providing multiple user passwords levels controlled by the sponsoring organization. Leaders can share all data between each other by emailing data files to each other or by setting up on the leader's internet provider's site a shareable email or FTP database instead of some other company's internet site somewhere in the world! Your Sponsor can choose the type of data file sharing they want between leaders. TroopSoft data files are always under the control of the local leaders.

TroopSoft's sponsor locally controlled FTP Internet multi-leader sharing allows leaders to view & update a 'single sponsor ONLY database' with automatic backups stored 'locally' on your leader's computers! If your internet server goes down your leaders can still get critical reports out because the database is also on their local computers! If you were using an 'internet only database' your data would be lost along with all of their other users. However, with TroopSoft's use of your local internet provider's FTP server that contains ONLY your sponsor's TroopSoft data your leader's can still access the last data files as they are automatically duplicated on the leader's computer's hard drive!

The best of all databases - a Ward leaders' ONLY shareable internet database on your own ward leader's server and with back up copies on your own leader's computers and PDF reports for leader's handheld devices!

List of Main Features - Tracks all scouting ranks, requirements & all badges and badge requirements, prints court of honor\pack meeting awards earned, tracks all scouting adult and youth leadership positions for all members, tracks patrol activities & camps & service hours, member notes, prints requirements to be completed for next rank, warns of nonqualifying leadership positions, warns of inadequate time between ranks, counts down months to 18th birthday, Sponsor and District merit badge counselor lists, maintains unlimited number of monetary (Friends of Scouting and Sponsor Contribution drives or other fund raisers) drives and non-monetary (Sponsor Newsletters, CERT-Emergency Preparedness, Membership Fellowship Visiting), rosters, form letters, help menu, spreadsheets style batch requirement input screen, group requirement batch input, Scout checkoff sheets, blood type, talents, etc., password control included, dues set up & fees collected features, prints donation slips, tracks member balances due on dues, fees, registration, boys' life fees. Back up features and importing and exporting featuress and creates council transmittal disks for advancement & rechartering reporting.

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