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Youth Advancement & CERT Software for LDS Stakes & Wards Worldwide

'Reducing Leaders Time While Increasing Youth Progress'

"We have also noticed that, with a rare exception, where Scouting is strong, so is the Duty to God program. Both of them are part of the Aaronic Priesthood achievement program to help better prepare our young men for missions and temple marriage."
Charles W. Dahlquist, II, General Young Men President - Fall 2005 Young Men Open House. See on

O Be Wise - "focus on people and principles not on programs ... Programs are tools. Their management and staffing must not take priority over the needs of the people they are designed to bless and to serve...To innovate does not necessarily mean to expand; very often it means to simplify ... divide the work and delegate responsibility. There is a difference between being responsible for getting the work done and doing the work yourself."
Elder M. Russell Ballard of the Quourm of the Twelve Apostles - Fall 2006 General Conference. See on

"When performance is measured performance improves. When performance is measured and reported back the rate of improvement accelerates." Attributed to Thomas S. Monson

TroopSoft is the ONLY program that includes ALL of the LDS youth programs!

TroopSoft is certified by the BSA which avoids the time consuming double entry of your youth's advancement data!

TroopSoft's low annual license fits easily within your Stake's or Ward's budget!

TroopSoft's 4.0 Java version runs on the major platforms - Windows, Linux and Mac!

TroopSoft has NO LIMITATIONS on data exchanging between leaders!

TroopSoft simplifies the Stake & Ward's CERT emergency services programs!

TroopSoft keeps member's personal information safely under the control of the Ward leaders at all times!

Contains the full LDS Youth Program! - TroopSoft is the only software that intergrates all of the LDS youth programs together. TroopSoft includes the Duty to God, Young Women, YW Camping, Faith in God-Boys and Faith in God-Girls programs for all Stakes and Wards worldwide. TroopSoft also runs the Boy Scouts of America's full scouting program for all Stakes and Wards in the U.S.A. Bishops - TroopSoft reduces the time required by your leaders working directly with your youth by allowing the delegation of the 'administration' of your youth programs including advancement tracking to other leaders while providing you with timely and revelant information about each youth's progress! TroopSoft also helps your Young Men, Young Women and Primary leaders design weekly activities and outdoor activities that build testimonies along with fellowshipping the youth with very little effort! TroopSoft advancement reports keeps the youth's parents involved in the LDS youth program's faith promoting activities every month instead of the usual year end cramming to complete requirements. No other software provides the full LDS Youth programs while freeing up more time for adult leaders to spend with their families!

Uploads to the BSA ScoutNet Program! - TroopSoft, as a certified Boy Scouts of America ScoutNet program in the U.S.A., uploads and downloads data with your BSA Council. LDS Scouters in the U.S.A. are now REQUIRED to submit their advancement reports and BSA annual charters on the BSA's Internet program. TroopSoft eliminates the wasted time that LDS leaders will now have to spend double entering advancement data. With TroopSoft, as a BSA certified software, all LDS BSA Scouting and Cub Scouting Ward leaders only have to record their youth's advancement data once! Upon entry in TroopSoft they simply upload the data to their BSA Council's internet site and they are done! Otherwise, they must record the data themselves first and then enter it again on the BSA internet site inorder to obtain their advancement reports. TroopSoft saves LDS YM & Cub leaders countless number of hours which they can now spend with their families! TroopSoft also allows LDS Ward leaders to import members' names and addresses from their BSA council's data base and to create Ward split BSA membership transfer files making it easy to set up the new Ward's BSA units. TroopSoft can also export member's advancement records not only between leaders within the Ward but with new Wards. When a scout moves from the Ward he can take a TroopSoft generated advancement data transfer file of his advancement information which can be uploaded into TroopSoft at the new ward.

Low Ward and Stake License Fees - TroopSoft's low Ward & Stake-wide annual licenses saves budget funds. The Stake-wide & Ward-wide licenses apply to all Stake or Ward owned computers and to all Stake or Ward leader's personal computers at home or at work. An individual Ward annual license currently is only $39.00 per year. However, the better value is the Stake Annual License that currently only costs $179.00 per year and covers all Stake leaders and all Ward leaders in the Stake. The Stake version also allows for many stake wide reports for Stake leaders and multi-ward reports like merit badge counselors by meetinghouse or for the whole stake. If the stake has more than 4 wards then the Stake saves budget funds with the Stake annual license. Plus we reward our users with a 6 month free license extension for 'every' similar referral of a new Stake or a new Ward outside of their Stake that signs up within 6 months of the user's referral! Since nearly 50% of TroopSoft new users come from current users telling their friends, family and work associates across the nation think of how many years of free usage your Stake or Ward could get! TroopSoft really is the least expensive BSA certified software package for tracking Duty to God, Boy Scouting and Cub Scouting advancement!

Operating System and Transferring Data - TroopSoft Version 4.0 and above is a Java based program and TroopSoft is the ONLY BSA certified software package that runs on all three major PC operating systems - Windows, MAC, Linux!. You do not need to select your adult leaders based upon what type of PC operating system they have! The speed of the software is solely dependent on the user's computer's amount of RAM memory and the speed of their hard disk drive. TroopSoft, as a java based program, will also run on Linux and Apple's Mac. TroopSoft data files can be transferred between leaders on a data field by data field basis. Multiple leaders can be tracking the same requirements and update each other. When a leader is released they simply transfer the data files to the new leader and the new leader continues on with no interruption. TroopSoft has eliminated the hassle of updating your software as it will automatically check for new program updates, download them and install them for you.

TroopSoft License - TroopSoft is ONLY licensed to the LDS Ward and not to a BSA unit or an individual! Unlike other BSA certified software and the many LDS YM/YW internet based tracking by private vendors TroopSoft's data files remains under the sole 'ownership' of the LDS Church and under the sole 'control' of the LDS Ward Bishop just like the Ward's LDS membership records. TroopSoft can import, when authorized by the Bishop, import the BSA required member information which will save the Ward Priesthood leaders many hours of hand inputing the exact same member information needed to fulfill their calling. The BSA required information consists of names, birth dates, addresses & phone numbers. All birth dates and ages over 21 are fully protected by TroopSoft except where the LDS Church has already agreed to provide the information to the BSA such as on tour permits and annual charters. TroopSoft provides encryption and password protection to allow the Ward leaders to safeguard confidential member data.

Unlimited Data Sharing - Unlike other scouting software TroopSoft users can update each other with all or any part of another leader's data files. The leader simply creates an export file and either emails the file or creates a diskette to hand to the other leader for uploading. Plus TroopSoft has the most powerful import/export member and data selection criteria among all scouting software packages. The receiving leader has complete control over what data is or is not updated to his data base. Fast, easy, safe and secure with full user controlled data importing!

CERT Program - TroopSoft allows the Stake and Wards to set up the full U.S. CERT or any other Emergency Preparedness program worldwide. TroopSoft CERT program includes district leaders, route coordinators/runners, route family assignment, family members in household with approximate age under 21 or Adult or Senior, GPS location, out-of-state contact, family-owned and church-owned emergency equipment, family emergency status reporting of OK-Green, Need Non-Emergency Help-Yellow and Emergency Help Needed-Red. Full district family status reporting provided. TroopSoft ensures continuity of information when CERT leaders change!

Password Protection of Member Information - TroopSoft is the ONLY BSA certified software that keeps your membership information safe and secure with dual password controls and by not allowing internet updating and storage. TroopSoft limits your organization's exposure to member's identity theft by providing multiple user passwords levels controlled by the sponsoring organization and by not providing direct internet access to and/or storage on a third party internet server/ftp site. The Sponsoring Organization is completely in control of its confidential membership information! Stake Presidents and Ward Bishops will not lose sleep wondering who may be hacking into or intercepting their members' personal information being stored somewhere around the world on the internet!

Solves Home & Visiting Teaching Tracking Problems - The multiple different types of Home Teaching & Visiting Teaching lists being kept within a Ward is solved! All leaders simply install TroopSoft on their personal computers and monitor all activity for their district(s). They can transfer the data to other leaders or to the Bishop by diskette or by e-mail. TroopSoft tracks monthly family contacts and other revelant information. Detail family reports containing family member names, birthdays and talents or interest can be printed for the assigned home/visiting teachers.

List of Main Features - Tracks LDS religious awards, all scouting ranks, requirements & all badges and badge requirements, primary activity days, prints court of honor\pack meeting awards earned, tracks all scouting & church youth leadership positions for all members, tracks patrol activities & camps & service hours (LDS YM/YW service projects & talks), member notes, prints requirements to be completed for next rank, warns of nonqualifying leadership positions, warns of inadequate time between ranks, counts down months to 18th birthday, Stake & Ward merit badge counselor lists, maintains unlimited number of monetary (Friends of Scouting, Ward Magazine) drives and non-monetary (Fast Offering Routes, Ward Paper, Home Teaching, Visiting Teaching, CERT-Emergency Preparedness), rosters, form letters, help menu, spreadsheets style batch requirement input screen, group requirement batch input, Scout and LDS checkoff sheets, blood type, talents, etc., password control included, dues set up & fees collected features, prints donation slips, tracks member balances due on dues, fees, registration, boys' life fees. Back up features and importing and exporting featuress and creates council transmittal disks for advancement & rechartering reporting.

Download TroopSoft - Click to download trial version of TroopSoft including YW Personal Progress tracking, Duty to God tracking, Cub Scouting tracking, Young Women Camp tracking and many more features. PLus reports showing Duty to God Award Advancement and Eagle Scout tracking. Everything related to the LDS Young Men and LDS Young Women and Primary advancement programs.
    Scouting Software Comparisons - View comparisons of various software package's major LDS related features - Software shown on the comparison webpage were selected based upon LDS leaders request for comparison with TroopSoft. Information shown on the comparison webpage is based only upon the vendors' website descriptions and limited review of trial versions of their software if available. LDS leaders should carefully review and test any software package for compliance with LDS and BSA policies and advancement procedures and whether the system they choose is BSA certified which will avoid the time consuming double entry of ALL of their youth's advancements for EVERY Court of Honor or Pack meeting and will avoid spending hours doing their Ward's BSA charters on line! TroopSoft, as BSA certified software, allows every BSA leader to simply upload all their youth's awards for Courts of Honor and Pack meetings and allows the BSA leader to upload all of their Ward's BSA Charters directly to their BSA Council. With TroopSoft you enter BSA data once and only once!

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