Prepare and upload your Charters & Advancement reports fast and easy!

Its only with BSA ScoutNET certified software!

Only BSA ScoutNET certified software actually monitors your scouts' rank advancement with warnings of critical requirements' needs and/or problems versus many of the noncertified internet applications that only duplicate the BSA's copyrighted rank and badge requirements and only provide a completion box!

Only BSA ScoutNET Certified software users do not have to double record every single rank and merit badge!
* See the Scouting Software Comparsion chart under the TroopSoft Features tab above *

TroopSoft's BSA certified software allows your leaders to ONLY track their Boy Scout's advancement data once and advancement progress has been tested and approved. Whereas tracking your BSA records manually or with non-BSA Certified software and internet programs requires your leaders to double enter & double track all of your Boy Scout's ranks and merit badges! TroopSoft users can also electronically download into TroopSoft their boys' awards from their Council's Internet Advancement webpage! Do it all only with BSA ScoutNET Certified software! TroopSoft and Troopmaster are the only BSA ScoutNET Certified software!

TroopSoft is the only BSA ScoutNET Certified software that runs native on Windows XP & Vista/7, MAC & Linux and allows ALL of your leaders to exchange data between each other on an individual data field basis! No other BSA Certified software provides this flexibility all while saving your Sponsoring Organzation over 40% or more in costs!

BSA Copyright Rules and Scouting Software Comparison chart - See the BSA copyright rules and a comparison chart of selected Scouting software vendors features under the TroopSoft Features tab above. As of the last review date every 'non-BSA certified' internet only scouting advancement application provided only limited tracking with no scouting advancement trail monitoring, none where in compliance with the BSA copyrights and none computed a scout's rank advancement correctly! Only BSA Certified Software has had their advancement routines reviewed by the BSA for compliance with BSA Rank advancement rules and found to comply with the BSA copyrights!

Former Scoutmate & Rank N' File users and current Troopmaster users click here for information on switching to TroopSoft!

New & existing TroopSoft users can download their previously entered ranks & merit badges from their Council's Internet Advancement Summary Report directly into TroopSoft!

Its quick, its easy and its ONLY with BSA Certified Software!

Enhanced CERT Features - TroopSoft's Community Emergency Response Team features help local community civic organizations, churches, PTAs, etc. coordinate their CERT sponsored groups! Click on the CERT button above to see TroopSoft's enhanced CERT features added to its scouting and youth advancement features.

LDS Sponsored Organizations - TroopSoft is the ONLY software that manages your BSA scouting advancement tracking in the U.S.A. and your full LDS Young Men Duty to God, LDS Young Women & LDS Primary Activity Days youth advancement tracking programs worldwide! TroopSoft is the only software that provides BSA Scout Tracking and LDS Duty to God Tracking with joint program reporting and uploading of BSA advancement reports and charters all together in one system. Plus the full Young Women, Young Women Camping and Faith in God and CERT programs!

Youth Leaders - Put TroopSoft's youth advancement check off sheets on the refridgerator in front of Mom & your youth will advance!

Try it out with no commitment at all! Click here or on Downloads & Registration at the top of this page to download the TroopSoft programs. After 30 days you can register the BSA scouting features by clicking again on Downloads & Registration.

BSA Chartering & Advancement Reports Uploading

Without BSA ScoutNet certified sofware you can't do it!
With TroopSoft's BSA ScoutNet certified sofware you simply upload everything directly
into your Council's ScoutNet database. Its that simple! Only BSA Certified Software has passed the BSA testing of the software for compliance!

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Terminology - LDS & Mormon refer to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. TroopSoft software is used to

track Boy Scouts of America - BSA Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops, Varsity Teams & Venturing Crews rank advancement. The

LDS Church also uses the names of YM - Young Men & Blazer, Deacon, Teacher, Priest for the comparable scouting age groups.

TroopSoft software also tracks YW - Young Women program which includes the names of Beehives, Mia Maids and Laurels.

TroopSoft tracks the requirements for the Young Womanhood Award and all Value Experience areas and camp certification.

It also tracks the requirements for the AP - Aaronic Priesthood Young Men's Duty to God, Faith in God, On My Honor

religious awards. TroopSoftware also tracks Primary Activity Days achievements. TroopSoft connects the user to

the Boy Scouts of America new software - ScoutNET 2000 council software. TroopSoft scout software can import from other scouting software

trademarked as Troopmaster and Eagles Quest and import routines usually can be developed for any other scout software

that can print a member advancement historical report to an ASCII text file or that can create ScoutNET 2000 historical

transmittal files. Other LDS terminology - Stake President, Bishop, Stake Young Men President, Stake Young Women

President, LDS Scout Tracking Advancement, LDS Duty to God Tracking advancement,

Primary President, High Priest Group Leader & Elders Quorum President are all leadership positions of the LDS Church.

LDS Young Men, LDS Young Women Lesson, LDS Object Lesson, LDS Primary Lesson, LDS Object Lesson LDS Young Men, LDS Primary,

LDS Scouting, Aaronic Priesthood, LDS Faith in God refer to LDS Youth programs, MIS

refers to the LDS Churches Membership Information System and FIS refers to Financial Information System. Mormon church,

Mormon genealogy, Mormon Missionary, Mormon Temple, Salt Lake Temple, family history, book of mormon, mormon

tabernacle choir, LDS General Conference, Book of Mormon, Temple Marriage, Pioneer, LDS Missionary, LDS General Priesthood

Meeting, Duty to God, Dutytogod, Home Teaching &

Visiting Teaching are LDS Church mentoring programs. Fast Offerings & Tithing relate to voluntary contributions to the LDS

church. CERT Training, Emergency Preparedness Committee & Key Scouters Committee are related to special LDS Stake or LDS Ward committees.

Windows & Microsoft Word are registered trade marks of Microsoft. Word Perfect is a registered

trademark of Corel Corporation. BSA refers to the Boy Scouts of America.

CERT is an acronym for the US Government's Community Emergency Response Teams.